Marshall Direct Fund's 11th Annual Aspen Reception

By Etta Meyer | Photos by Hanna Northcutt | July 16, 2018 | Parties

During a private tea on July 16, Silbi Stainton, the founder of Marshall Direct Fund spoke about the impetus for creating the nonprofit in 2007. “We had military solutions to fight terrorism but not enough diplomacy and economic solutions,” Stainton explained. MDF was born to fight global problems with “soft power.” The focus is on Pakistan. In 11 years, MDF has partnered with other organizations to build schools, educate youth, (especially young women), and to provide vocational training to women, creating economic opportunities and shifting culture, community by community.

During the annual reception the following day at the home of Alex Wesner and Blaine Wesner, guests heard from journalist Peter Bergen who has covered Pakistan for 25 years. The best-selling author, CNN national security analyst and documentary producer spoke frankly about the threat of terrorism and specifically about our historically troubled relationship with Pakistan, giving important context to the grassroots efforts made by MDF.

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