The Creators Of Aspen: Jodi Larner

Oliver Sharpe | December 11, 2019 | People



Running a business anywhere for three decades is quite an accomplishment. Operating the best restaurant in Aspen—a seasonal town whose chief commodity is hospitality—for 32 years is nearly impossible. It’s a feat that Jodi Larner has achieved with style and grace as partner and general manager at Cache Cache. Through a fierce dedication to her team and the desire to deliver extraordinary experiences to her clientele every night, Larner transformed Cache Cache from its eight-table beginnings into Aspen’s premier dining destination.

In a business where you are only as good as your last meal, and a city with a dining scene as competitive as Aspen’s, there is little room for mediocrity. Larner inspires her team to give their best every night. She and her business partner, chef Chris Lanter, create a harmonious culture between the front and back of the house and instill a pride of ownership in their staff. All of which translates to impeccable food, service and ambiance for clients.

A self-described Type A personality, Larner’s attention to detail—which ranges from remembering names and faces to adjusting music and lighting levels throughout the evening—coupled with the amazing food, enables Cache Cache to deliver consistent and authentic dining experiences decade after decade.


Photography by: Jamie Jaye Fletcher