A Member of the Next Generation Embodies the Aspen Idea

By Etta Meyer | September 20, 2018 | People

A member of the next generation embodies the Aspen Idea.


Photographer Norm Clasen has shot everyone from supermodel Carol Alt to the iconic Marlboro Man during his 50-year career. For a portrait to illustrate this issue’s theme, he turned his lens on 21-year-old Aspen-raised Dairinn Bowers. A former ski racer, now at college, listening to Bowers might give you the impression the Idea is in the water. When home on break, she skins, skis, road cycles, camps or, on a good day, some combination of the above. In her spare time, she models for the luxe skiwear brand Authier. When she “grows up,” she hopes to return here, a sentiment heard frequently from Aspen kids out in the world at large—a good omen for our valley.

Photography by: Photo by Norm Clasen