SUBSTITUTE FOR WORDS at Casterline Goodman Gallery

The Editors | March 18, 2019 | Culture

Artist Nick Moss is concerned with “the deterioration of language.” His show at Casterline Goodman Gallery features large works made from steel representing the emojis we have all grown so accustomed to in text and social media.


Moss is a Michigan native and studied welding and metal fabrication before moving to New York City in 2007. The precision, not to mention danger, involved with welding make his sculptures all the more unique.


The faces here have leapt off the screen to be rendered in a strong physical material. Their ability to communicate emotion is powerful, but not a stand-in for the nuance of language. "Substitute for Words" is up until April 15, 2019, 611 E. Cooper Ave.


Photography by: Courtesy of Casterline Goodman Gallery