Fly Louie Makes Boston to Nantucket Travel a Breeze for Aspenites

Matt Juul | July 25, 2019 | Culture Feature

Spending a summer weekend on Nantucket is always a magical experience for Aspenites, but getting to the island can often be quite the headache. Thankfully, Fly Louie is here to make your travels from Boston to Nantucket a breeze.


Instead of dealing with the hassle of security at Logan Airport or taking the long journey by boat to the island, travelers can use Fly Louie to book a luxurious and speedy trip aboard a private flight. From July 19 through Labor Day, customers can use the private air service to travel in style from the city to Nantucket every Friday through Sunday.

Flying out of Hanscom Field in Bedford, Fly Louie makes things easier for travelers through instant online booking, as well as allowing them to check-in at the private terminal in as little as 15 minutes before departure. Other benefits include complimentary parking onsite (your car will even be waiting for you on the tarmac when you return), plus inflight amenities of locally-sourced snacks and beverages.

According to founder and CEO Julia Takeda, who started Fly Louie in 2017 with flights from New York to Nantucket, customers praise the service for its reliability.

“When I say reliability, it’s both going to be the ease and speed of that trip, but also you’re going to trust us in the process,” says Takeda. “I think that our customers really do.”


Takeda notes that Fly Louie is always willing to accommodate its guests needs, and at no extra fees. The service has no change or baggage fees, and it allows for customers to bring along their dogs or golf clubs at no additional charge.

"If there are any way we can accommodate customers, we’re going to do it,” says Takeda. “If there’s fog that’s keeping people from coming into Nantucket and no one can fly, we’re going to fly you the next morning and we’re not going to charge you any extra fees."

“In many of these instances, it’s not going to cost me extra, so why should it cost the customer extra?” she adds. “If we can delight them, we’d love to take any opportunity.”

From childhood vacations to getting married on the island, Takeda has a special place in her heart for Nantucket, which is why she's so thrilled to be working with the New England destination.

"It’s an island that I love," says Takeda. "What I associate the most with Nantucket is my childhood and being with family and having that time. If we can, in some small way, make it easier for people to get to Nantucket and have those experiences and build those memories, that feels good.”

Tickets available for $495+tax every Friday and Sunday, Hanscom Field, Bedford,


Photography by: Photos by Luke Reidy for Lollie Videography