How Cordova Became An 'It Girl' Brand

By Etta Meyer | December 15, 2018 | Style & Beauty

“It” girl brand Cordova is obsessed with making activewear that looks as good as it fits.

cordova.jpgThe Aspen is Cordova’s No. 1 seller; it comes in three standard colors (Moonless Night, indigo and Fiery Red) as well as two limited editions for this season. $918, Miller Sports, 408 S. Hunter St.,

Jane Seim was an avid skier unhappy with the boxy fit and random colors of her skiwear options. She began researching the market and the history of ski fashion, and in 2016 Cordova was born. It’s evident from the brand’s Instagram account ( the line is heavily influenced by glitzy bygone eras from St. Moritz to Aspen. “I landed in the ’60s and ’70s winter jet-set period and was like, oh, this is the style, the fit, it’s so iconic and timeless… Why did it ever go away?” The Aspen is Cordova’s signature style made with fabric originally designed for NASA that locks in body heat. “We put so much energy into the fit and try to develop it in a way that makes women feel really good in their bodies,” says Seim. She uses friends of all sizes as fit models and constantly seeks customer feedback. After one client wrote to tell her, “I feel like Wonder Woman, I feel like this is my superpower suit,” Seim took to calling her creations “power suits.” With new distribution in boutiques from Courchevel to New York, you can expect to see more than a few wonder women on the slopes this season.