Panerai on a Winter's Eve

By Etta Meyer | Photos by Jamie Jaye Fletcher | March 7, 2019 | Parties

March 7, 2019 was a snow day in the middle of a week where Aspen received over five feet of the fluffy white stuff. In a town that prays to the snow gods, it was a good day to host a party, and a beautiful evening to watch the flurries from inside the Panerai boutique on Hyman Ave. Inside its floor-to-ceiling glass windows was a swirl of guests sipping whiskey Negronis and ogling the gorgeously clean design of Panerai watches. Small bites created by one of Aspen’s top caterers, Mawa’s Kitchen, were enjoyed before everyone headed off to their cozy, snowy dinners. Guests of note included: top broker Brittanie Rockhill, Joshua Moore and Odini Gogo of Res Ispa, financier Alissa Grad, film editor Peter Brandi and photographer Lynn Goldsmith.

Photography by: