A Conversation About Conservation with Singita and Jetset World Travel

By Etta Meyer | Photos by Jessie Chaney | March 26, 2018 | Parties

Singita is, first and foremost, a conservation company. Its Executive Chairman, the debonair Luke Bailes, created its luxury African safari business with a core mission to preserve animal habitat and fight poaching. Singita now has camps on land holdings from South Africa to Kenya to Rwanda.

On March 8th, local travel luxpert, Founder and President of JetSet World Travel, Julia Douglas, invited Aspen Peak to join a conversation with Singita, an African safari company, in an intimate gathering at the Caribou Club.

What we learned was that many of Singita’s bespoke lodges and camps are stationed on large tracks of privately held land as opposed to national parks, making their safaris uniquely private. And, as Douglas points out, with a new company plane, the Singita experience is especially seamless and efficient for the traveler.

"Travel transforms," is JetSet’s motto. We couldn’t agree more.

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Photography by: Jessie Chaney